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Lauener History

For over 60 years Lauener has been engaged in inventing and developing equipment in favor of the production of metallic semi products. During this time Wilhelm F. Lauener published numerous patents and supervised shop floor realization to optimize semi product processes (casting, rolling, forming, handling etc.).
After filing several patents for improvements of Roll Casters and implementing multiple production lines in different parts of the world - the limitations of the roll casting process led to the invention of the Lauener Block-Caster II.
The Caster II was the first continuous strip casting machine capable of converting quality aluminium alloys with magnesium content of up to 5% on an industrial scale. 

A Caster II put into operation with COORS Brewery Denver in 1982 for the production of can stock is presently still running under production conditions, not only capable of converting can stock (alloy 3004) but also lid and tab stock (alloy 5182).

For further information consult the web page of GOLDEN ALUMINUM INC.

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